Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mac OS X vs Windows 7

The ultimate showdown- Mac OSX vs Windows 7
We will break down their features to get an overall winner.

Back-up- Time-machine vs Windows back-up- Windows back-up wizard takes much too long and is too boring compared to time-machine, which offers an easy to use, user-friendly interface. Winner of the first round, OS X.

Popularity- Admittedly, there are more games and apps available for Windows than for Mac. This is because Windows is more widely used, but nevertheless, Mac is catching up. Windows has this one in the bag.

App Store- Mac OS X 10.6.6 introduced the Mac App Store. The purpose of this is to help people find Mac apps and hopefully boost business for App makers. Windows does not have such a thing so there we are.

I would prefer OS X. What do you think? Vote in our poll to share your opinions.

Next time: Snow leopard vs Lion

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