Saturday, August 20, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 35- iTech Event

Welcome to day 35! Todays topic will be on Gameloft's 4 Unreal Technology games which are rumored to be released this year. Unreal Engine is the system behind many beautifully built iOS games such as Infinity Blade and Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. The most prominent feature of the Unreal Engine is the unbeatable graphics and the ability to incorporate complex gameplay into a mobile game, and this is what Gameloft is aiming to do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 34- iTech Event

Welcome to day 34. Todays post will be about a cool and relatively new app that brings the amazing world of Minecraft to your iDevice.

Monday, August 15, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 33- iTech Event

Hey guys, todays post will be about iOS 5 Beta 6, which is due to be released either on the 17 or 18 of August, BUT it may be delayed if bugs are found.

In the last update (beta 5), Apple introduced hearing aid mode to cater for users with hearing aids. Apple also introduced custom vibration modes for the iPhone. In beta 6, we would expect Apple to build on this and add some more of the features they have promised.

In terms of bug-fixing, beta-testers haven't complained much, but Notification center needs a bit of touching up.

Soon Apple is aiming to move away from the iDevice-->Computer link and make iDevices freer and release them from having to have a Computer to use an iPod/iPhone/iPad, and this will be reinforced with beta 6.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Mac Mini

Apple has just released it's latest Mac-mini, and boy is it a good one! It now runs on Lion (10.7) and is 2 times faster than it's predecessor!

With the latest dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, this Mac-mini sure packs a punch and boasts up to 2 times more speed than the older version.

Friday, August 12, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 32- iTech Event

Welcome to the iOS 5 Countdown. Todays post will be about 3 must-have apps for your iPad. If you have any to add, feel free to comment below!

3. Dropbox- Dropbox lets you share files over their server from your Mac/PC --> iPad wherever you are. It is true that it may run out of business once iCloud becomes popular, but for the meantime, Dropbox is the app to have!

2.Instapaper- Practically every site on the web has distracting ads, unneeded banners and ugly pop-ups. What can you do? With Instapaper, you can save articles to read later- without all the distractions!

1.Penultimate- This app is amazing, it turns your iPad into a virtual notepad where you can swiftly jot down and save notes by writing with your finger (or stylus!).

These 3 apps are must haves because they can be used everyday and can assist otherwise torturous tasks, which apps should!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 31- iTech Event

One of the most popular questions related to unlocking iPhones is, well, is it legal (we wouldn't want to brake any rules, would we)?

According to the copyright office, unlocking is legal 'for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communication network.' So as long as you stay under these rules, you should be good!

Heres a video to help you unlock your iPhone-

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 30- iTech Event

It's been a month, and iOS 5 is near! Todays post will be a video about how to upgrade to the latest iOS 5 beta (beta 5) WITHOUT a developer account. (I do not in any way support or own this footage and it is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 29- iTech Event

Recently a new iOS 5 beta was released, beta 5! The new beta brings the new mobile notifications to iOS 5. Heres a vid to help you out-

Saturday, August 6, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 28- iTech Event

Welcome to day 28! Todays post will be about a cool tweak that lets you preview pages (on your springboard) by just tapping the little indicators (little dots that show you what page you are on). You can even launch apps from your first page! This is useful if you have tons of apps, but otherwise, its just a cool tweak to have! (Note- it is $1.74 on the Cydia Store)

Friday, August 5, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 27- iTech Event

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Otterbox protective iPhone and iPad case, and due to readers wanting more, here is a vido to help you before you think about buying!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 26- iTech Event

Welcome to day 26! Todays post will be a video that will be testing the speeds of the Verizon and the AT&T iPhone speeds on the iPhone 4!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 25- iTech Event

Welcome to day 25 of the iTech Event, the countdown to iOS 5! As promised, todays post will be an epic battle of the carriers, Verizon and Sprint (Sprint doesn't carry the iPhone yet, but most probably will, so we're just giving you an idea of what it should be like).

Plans- Many people will agree that Sprint is WAAAY cheaper than Verizon and more lenient as well.

Coverage- Because of the fact that Verizon is a more popular carrier, they have better coverage than Sprint, but nevertheless, Sprint is not far behind!

It's not a lot, but thats because we're dealing with a carrier that hasn't started catering for the iPhone yet, but stay tuned because as soon as Sprint carries the iPhone, we will have another post up for you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 23 & 24- iTech Event

Welcome to day 23 and 24 of the countdown to iOS 5. A lot of our readers have requested a series of posts on choosing the right carrier for your iPhone or iPad, so todays post will be about the pros and cons of two of the best known names in the world of iPhone Carriers, Verizon vs AT&T.

Price- The price of the device itself is the same for both carriers, but Verizon charges $30 for unlimited data, whereas AT&T charges $25 for 2-gigs. Your preference should depend on what you use your device for.

Speed- AT&T users can get up to 6 megabits per second- around 3 times faster than Verizon.

Features- AT&T's iPhone has technologies which enable to do simultaneous internet tasks unlike Verizon, but on the other hand, Verizon can make your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot for a small surcharge.

Both carriers have advantages and disadvantages, and your choice really depends on your needs. Thanks for reading and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Verizon vs Sprint!