Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Mac Mini

Apple has just released it's latest Mac-mini, and boy is it a good one! It now runs on Lion (10.7) and is 2 times faster than it's predecessor!

With the latest dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, this Mac-mini sure packs a punch and boasts up to 2 times more speed than the older version.

Apple has also integrated the new Thunderbolt I/O, which was last seen on the new iMac and Macbook Pro. Since Thunderbolt's debut, it has really taken off with the public because of it's speed and simplicity, and seeing it integrated with nearly all of Apple's products, you know that you've got the real deal.

The new Mac mini also has AMD Raedon Graphics, which is a huge boost from the last one. The Raedon Graphics processor has really proved it's worth in the new Macbook Pro, so it looks very promising for the Mac mini.

With the help of OSX Lion, Apple has been able to integrate the OSX Lion server onto the Mac mini, and with speeds like this, the Lion Server is sure to deliver. What is the Lion Server? It connects all your home Macs and PC onto one powerful server that can be used for personal or business means. You can share files, access Mail, Instant Messaging, iCal and Adress book, all from one server.

The Apple mini is sure to take off because of the huge jump in technology, and those of whom have put of the MM will now look into it because of the advances. From $599 for a Mac mini and $999 for a Mac mini+Lion Server, it's well worth it!


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