Saturday, May 28, 2011

iTech App Review- Touchgrind BMX


This game is great. It takes on from Illusion Labs 1st creation, Touchgrind, yet this time, you control a BMX Bike and you go around BMX course. They have updated their scoring system- you get adrenaline for achievements, getting medals etc. and with this adrenaline you can unlock bikes, courses and paint jobs. The maps are very cool, and personally, I think bikes work way better on the smaller devices than skateboards. The touch controls are great, they are basically the same as the ones in Touchgrind (2 fingers on your screen), but with steering controls for the bike. The graphics, like with any Illusion Labs creation, are flawless as with the controls. I cant wait till they add more levels! Next step for Illusion labs, make a surfing game!

Price- $4.99
Version- 1.01
Seller- Illusion Labs AB
iTech Rating- 4/5 (Add retina display and more levels for the extra star!)




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iTech App Reviews- Memory

This is a nice little app that everyone with multitasking on iPhone should have. It basically tells you how much memory is being used by running apps, but thats not all. It gives you basic info about your device (IP and MAC adress, harddrive usage etc.). It's basically the Activity monitor that Apple forget to put in the iPhone. The design and UI of this app sets it apart from other apps in it's category and you'll see that in the pictures below. I would recommend it to anyone that is having problems with lagginess because this app will help you pinpoint and prevent your problems.

Price- $1.29
Version- 1.0
iTech Rating- 3/5 (Great app, but a little pricey)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iPad 2 smart cover (video)

Heres a video that reviews the iPad 2 Smart cover-

Thanks Alerio for the great vid!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Angry Birds free!(Chrome Web app)

Have you checked out the new Chrome webstore? It's quite neat and practically everything is free, including the hit game, Angry birds! Why? It is not clear yet, but who cares? One reason may be that Rovio is helping advertise Google Chrome, because in order to play the game, you must have the browser- in fact, every one of the apps open in Google Chrome. If Google continues to make everything free (Im talking about stuff like MS Office, Photoshop, big-name products like that), Google could possibly rule the world...

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Infinity Blade Update (1.3)!

Yes, we are just as excited as you, it seems that ChAIR has been listening to the people, this new update provides us with- (Click pic to enlarge)
So what are you waiting for?

App Reviews- Bumpy Road

Just when you think you've played all the types of games out there, Simogo throws another one at you in the form of a simple, charming, casual game. If your looking for a quiet game to put you off the intense, action-packed titles that you can't quite seem to finish, Bumpy road is the game for you. The storyline is cute, your job is to help an old couple safely endure their Sunday love-drive by bumping the road when you think it is the right time. It is like no other game that I have come across, and believe me, I have seen stars rise and fall, and in my opinion, Bumpy Road is right up there in the 'born to be famous...'  list! The graphics are very charming and the intuitive touch controls work a dream. Get this game if its the last thing you do!

Price-             $4.19 (Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it is worth the change!)
Seller-            Simogo Handelsbolag
Version-        1.0
iTech Rating-5/5

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype

Skype has been up for sale for a while now, but only recently, Microsoft decided it was time to take out their (huge) wallet and set their eyes on one of the most popular IM client in the world. Skype has a lot to offer Microsoft, with over 405 million people with Skype accounts, although Microsoft's intentions may be unclear at the moment, There are many ways Microsoft can pay of this huge deal, including the fact that millions of people a day make paid calls with Skype. When all of this goes into Microsoft's pocket, Microsoft can easily turn the tables with this 8.5 billion dollar deal (Microsoft's biggest deal ever).

iTech App Review- Cliffed XL

Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds Angry birds
You may have played games like this, (Falldown is an example), so have I, but this is by far the best and most addicting! Like most successful games, the concept is simple,  control a variety of characters down cracks, but be careful of the blockades in your way! And during this, the screen is moving upwards, so try not to get cliffed! The thing that sets this beautiful game apart from others of the same type is the variety of characters you can unlock and use and the different backgrounds. I often find myself addicted to unlocking the next character! The graphics are very smooth and the controls are very responsive, but on iPhone, I would prefer tilt control to touch based, but nevertheless, no app is perfect! The producers, IUGO Mobile update the characters and overall, the game regularly, so getting bored is very hard. This game is definitely a must buy!Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin

Saturday, May 7, 2011

iTech App Review- Clumsy Bob

This game is by the Einstien's that created Angry Birds, Clickgamer. It is practically a horizontal version of Doodle Jump and almost just as fun! You are a cute round elephant (presumably Bob) an you have to bounce around on the clouds, but BEWARE! Rats, snakes and falls can end your bouncy nirvana in seconds. Luckily, theres a retry button. It's not as wide known and as 'perfect' as Doodle Jump, but the concept is the same. The graphics and the controls are very fluid, (especially the cheerleaders at the 5 km mark!), but I find that unlike Doodle jump, I have to tilt the device a lot more to get him moving. There are different powerups to Doodle jump (i.e. The Umbrella). One problem I have come across is that the game sometimes quits after about 4-5 tries, but if that glitch gets fixed, it will be 5/5 from us!
The cute little cheerleaders!
Oh no! mutant snakes and rats!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New iMac released

Apple recently released the new iMac and what an iMac it has turned out to be! It is a quad core with Intel i5 and i7 inside, which boasts 3 times faster graphics than the last one. The screen has been enhanced with an LED back lit display which goes beautifully with the new Facetime HD camera. Like the new Macbook Pro, Apple has incorporated Thunderbolt for faster data transferring and the AMD Raedon Graphics processor. All of this fitted into beautiful, aluminum casing (and not very expensive, just over $1000!). Thinking of the Ultimate Mothers day gift? Click here to buy and your mum will run out of ways to thank you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Browser Wars- Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox



Yes, this is the much anticipated showdown between Google Chrome, winner of our earlier battle of the browsers against Safari, and Firefox, one of the most well known and used browsers in the world. Who will win? Read on to find out!

Compatibility- Both Chrome and FF work with both Mac and Windows, but what I personally have found when comparing them is that with Chrome, the actual application loads up way faster than Firefox, so for how good their compatibility is, Google Chrome is the winner for this round.

Browsing speed- I tested this out and Google Chrome was far faster than Firefox when loading a web page, sorry FF, Chrome's got another one under it's belt.

Looks-Both browsers share the ability to personalize with themes, but they look better on FF because FF actually has a sizable toolbar, whereas Chromes toolbar is very tiny it is hard to really get a good theme that you can see without  squinting. Looks like Firefox knows what the crowd wants!

Bookmarks bar- Google wanted their browser to be more web page and less application. So they got rid of the bookmarks bar. When I started using Chrome, I was quite annoyed at this fact because I quite like my bookmarks. But FF does have Bookmarks, so we can quite confidently say, Firefox, you've won another round.

Looks like there's a tie! Chrome was built to browse, and with it's sleek design and hard-core speed, it is something a nerd who doesn't care for looks would use. Mozilla on the other hand spent a lot of time making a browser to suit most of us who hop onto the web to check out facebook, or the news.