Saturday, May 7, 2011

iTech App Review- Clumsy Bob

This game is by the Einstien's that created Angry Birds, Clickgamer. It is practically a horizontal version of Doodle Jump and almost just as fun! You are a cute round elephant (presumably Bob) an you have to bounce around on the clouds, but BEWARE! Rats, snakes and falls can end your bouncy nirvana in seconds. Luckily, theres a retry button. It's not as wide known and as 'perfect' as Doodle Jump, but the concept is the same. The graphics and the controls are very fluid, (especially the cheerleaders at the 5 km mark!), but I find that unlike Doodle jump, I have to tilt the device a lot more to get him moving. There are different powerups to Doodle jump (i.e. The Umbrella). One problem I have come across is that the game sometimes quits after about 4-5 tries, but if that glitch gets fixed, it will be 5/5 from us!
The cute little cheerleaders!
Oh no! mutant snakes and rats!


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