Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Browser Wars- Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox



Yes, this is the much anticipated showdown between Google Chrome, winner of our earlier battle of the browsers against Safari, and Firefox, one of the most well known and used browsers in the world. Who will win? Read on to find out!

Compatibility- Both Chrome and FF work with both Mac and Windows, but what I personally have found when comparing them is that with Chrome, the actual application loads up way faster than Firefox, so for how good their compatibility is, Google Chrome is the winner for this round.

Browsing speed- I tested this out and Google Chrome was far faster than Firefox when loading a web page, sorry FF, Chrome's got another one under it's belt.

Looks-Both browsers share the ability to personalize with themes, but they look better on FF because FF actually has a sizable toolbar, whereas Chromes toolbar is very tiny it is hard to really get a good theme that you can see without  squinting. Looks like Firefox knows what the crowd wants!

Bookmarks bar- Google wanted their browser to be more web page and less application. So they got rid of the bookmarks bar. When I started using Chrome, I was quite annoyed at this fact because I quite like my bookmarks. But FF does have Bookmarks, so we can quite confidently say, Firefox, you've won another round.

Looks like there's a tie! Chrome was built to browse, and with it's sleek design and hard-core speed, it is something a nerd who doesn't care for looks would use. Mozilla on the other hand spent a lot of time making a browser to suit most of us who hop onto the web to check out facebook, or the news.


  1. Google makes a very good browser

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