Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is Office 2011 right for you?

Plainly the first and most important determining element on everyone's thoughts is price tag. Microsoft Office for Mac Company edition retails for $399.95, and the Residence and Pupil Edition retails for $149.95. Apple's iWork suite retails for $79, or $99 for the Family Pack, which enables set up on up to 5 private devices in the similar home.
For these not acquainted with it, iWork contains Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Pages is for phrase processing and is identical to Phrase. Keynote is a presentation plan like PowerPoint, and Numbers is a spreadsheet application equivalent to Excel. That is the simplified response. In true Apple trend, each is effortless to use, has powerful capabilities, and integrates with other Apple apps and your paperwork seamlessly.
But which a single do you require? Answering that query isn't as effortless, so let's break down the variations. Microsoft Office has two major versions that utilize to most folks. The Organization Edition is essential if you approach to use it for business purposes and/or call for Microsoft Trade help. If you have no strategy what that indicates, you most likely only need to have the Household and College student Edition. The Residence and University student edition allows set up on up to 3 private computer systems, which means if you have other loved ones members who might want it, 1 value is all you shell out for use on up to three Macs. Each variations contain Phrase, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, and Messenger. An additional essential distinction is that the Household and Small business edition is not upgradable.
The principal problems you will operate into are compatibility. A single of the major misconceptions men and women have when listening to the word "compatible" are thinking of it only as becoming among Microsoft and Apple. Compatibility is just as crucial involving versions as it is between running methods. Another person can email you a Term document built on a Windows pc with Office 2010 and if you have Office 2003 on Windows you may well even now have issues opening the file. Compatibility amongst Windows and Mac variations is not an concern, as each Microsoft Workplace for Mac and Apple's iWork are capable of functioning with Office files designed on a Windows Personal computer. In simple fact, Apple's iWork would seem to have fewer troubles operating with Workplace paperwork than even Workplace itself does. Apple also included into iWork a attribute that will allow you to create a document in Pages, for case in point, and export it as Term document. What this all signifies is that if somebody emails you a Term document, you can open it with Pages, edit it, save it as a Phrase document, and mail it back to them with total self-assurance they can open it.
In which you will run into complications, just as with a more recent and older edition on the same computer system, is in the various attributes provided. Pages, for instance, has templates, graphics, and other enhancements that will not function in Phrase, just as Keynote has slide templates and results that are not readily available in PowerPoint. For fundamentals, every software will operate great, but when adding effects and model you might operate into compatibility concerns. Merely staying aware of this can often eliminate any problems in advance of they startoff, and both equally Office an iWork will permit you know about likely difficulties, allowing you to make just the changes you will need to resolve the concerns and complete functioning.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

iTech Review- Minecraft (Mac, PC and Linux)

Heres a video from Gamerblast reviewing the popular Mac, PC and Linux survival game, Minecraft.

As you can see, it is quite a unique game and the developers update Minecraft often so there is always something new. I would recommend it to younger users, but that shouldn't put adults of playing it! The gameplay is quite complex with multiple inventories, materials and crafting combinations, and it is definitely not a 'baby' game as some people may quote. It is worth a try and is not very expensive (€14.95) because it is still in beta so get it before the price rises!

Monday, June 27, 2011

iTech App Review- World of Warcraft (Mac)

(Click pic to enlarge) Crisp graphics are one of the
attributes that make WOW attractive to young gamers 

World of Worcraft or WOW as it is known to many, has taken the gaming world by storm and this week our very own Becky Brand would like to tell you all about it. As an avid gamer, I feel she is far more equipped to write about it 
than me. 

World of Warcraft (or WoW) is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Blizzard Entertainment. Warcraft initially started out as a series of three games ending in Warcraft 3 with World of Warcraft being set after these games.

When you start the game you need to create an avatar which you will control as you explore the fictional world of Azeroth. You have a choice of two sides; either the Alliance or the Horde with each side having a number of different races that you can play as including Trolls, Dwarfs, Humans, Gnomes and Orcs.

Whether you're a particularly brave player or a reclusive one you can choose to be different characters that have different tatics. You may choose to be a mage who blasts your enemies with spells from a distance or choose to be a Warrior, who charges in and takes the full wrath of the enemies up front. The game caters for most people, so depending on the kind of character you like to play you can choose from different classes including Priests, Rogues, Paladins, and Shamans. Once your character has been created, you need to get stronger in order to tackle stronger enemies and bosses. You will need to quest in order to earn level ups, armour upgrades and new skills.

With approximately 12 million subscribers worldwide, World of Warcraft is one of the biggest online role playing games. Contrary to popular belief; it's not just teenage boys lacking in social ability who play World of Warcraft as it genuinely does appeal to many.

Whilst travelling around you will bump into parents sneaking a quick hour in whilst their kids sleep, men and women who use Warcraft to relax after a hard days work, much in the same way many people will watch their soaps of an evening. The folklore in World of Warcraft is so deep and vast it's almost like an interactive Lord of the Rings.

Admittedly you rarely actually meet the people you play with in Warcraft, but when you keep bumping into the same characters in game, or join a guild with a good group of players, you start to form acquaintances and friendships with the other players. There has even been a few couples who met in the World of Warcraft and ended up being happily married - the game can be a really good social experience if thats what you make it to be.

Your character can take on a particular role within the group if you decide to group up with other characters; for example Priests heal, warriors tank and mages deal the damage. There is even the option of forming a raid group of up to 40 characters to try and overcome the extra strong bosses that are scattered across the lands.

The fact that, when playing WOW, you can always strive to earn better armour so you can defeat the biggest bosses in the game, or try and earn the in game achievements for different titles and rewards means the name literally never comes to an end. Blizzard also periodically introduce expansions, which raise the maximum level, and introduce new content and areas to the game.

Warcraft is a very lucrative business, its luring the players in with all of its merchandise, accessories and books. These go hand in hand with the millions of subscriptions worldwide making it like any good franchise.

Article by Chris Holgate 

Jailbreak your iPad- Why should you jailbreak?

Especially after Apple has ruled it out as legal,
What have you got to lose?
Isn't it a valid question? Why should you jailbreak and what is the meaning of jailbreaking in the first place? For people like me who are novices with gadgets the word sounds only Greek and Latin. So, here is a small effort to elucidate more on what exactly the action word means.
Jailbreaking is a process through which the user gets access to venture into prohibited areas of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. By doing so, you can add additional apps to your device. This process helps you to change the applications that are available in the iPad, status bar, weather backgrounds, chat bubbles, dock and many more.
Once you jailbreak your iPad, it can really multitask and throw open a multitude of new features that you wouldn't have even dreamt of using. iPad Unlockr is a one stop online shop which offers an easy, reliable and secure solution for jailbreaking your iPad. And once this is done, you are free to use a lot of apps and games too. This online store claims that once you jailbreak your iPad, you could gain access to the numerous free games and apps that are unavailable otherwise in the Apple iTunes store. Even if you get hem you will have to spend a whopping sum for the same.
iPad Unlockr assures that the software they possess to jailbreak is 100% safe, legal and secure. And assure that your iPad will not get bricked or damaged under any circumstance. The software with the help of which you have jailbroken your iPad works in majority of the countries regardless of where you have purchased your device or where you are now staying or touring in.
With the help of the software that is provided by iPad Unlockr even the latest firmware or the oldest version of iOS can be jailbroken. You can install umpteen numbers of custom themes and also icons too for your device. You can now flaunt your iPad in front of your friends as your device is equipped to do many more things than theirs.
Online platform is the ideal place which will help you learn more about the apps that work best on Apple iPad touch. It is strongly recommended to get only those apps and games that are free and meant solely for iPad. And the online store also promises to send you the updates related to the software.
This online store claims that once you jailbreak your iPad, you could gain access to the numerous free games and apps that are unavailable otherwise in the Apple iTunes store. For more Information please Visit our unlock Website.

Need any help with jailbreaking? Check out this earlier post which will lead you in the right direction.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final Cut Pro X- iTech Wonderland

Apple has finally released the latest and greatest version of their revolutionary video-editing products, Final Cut Pro X. At just $300 from the Mac App Store, The team at iTech Wonderland was itching to get their hands on it and when we did, this is what we found:

Looks- Apple claims to have completely rewritten FCPX, and it sure looks that way! The interface has changed dramatically and so have the features. The design is much sleeker and user friendlier, not to mention the two upgraded companion software, Motion 5 and Compressor 4, which together provide you with an arsenal of video-editing capabilities which may even rival that of Adobe's After Effects.

Features- FCPX provides the user with a sea of new features from a new precision editor and magnetic timeline and clip connections to keep everything in time. The new Final Cut Pro X is built for tidiness and many new features help keep your timelines, collections and media in harmony.

Performance- FCPX has been optimized in many ways. With new 64-bit design, it is built for bigger projects with higher frame rates etc. It is built on a cocoa foundation which means it is more responsive and less likely to crash on the native OSX operating system. The new Shared Render Engine means you can have high-quality rendering and you can even edit while rendering with background processing! GPU utilization means you can create higher resolution effects that play in real time. With all these features, its the real deal.

System requirements- 
Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM recommended)OpenCL-capable graphics card or
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
256MB of VRAM                    

  • Display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher
Mac OS X v10.6.7 or later2.4GB of disk space

(It works like a dream on the new Macbook Pro)

Click to enlarge

In conclusion, FCPX is a must have for budding movie makers and caters to the needs of noobs to pros. And for only $299.99, Why not give it a try?

Friday, June 24, 2011

iTech Review- Magic Mouse

It is definitely a much better method of interaction/interacting together with your laptop and that we may use the term landmark to describe the Apple Magic computer mouse in one word. And, it merely does not get far better than this; the world's first ever multi-touch mouse now responds to gestures.

It looks like Apple has taken a remarkable selection relating to the launch in the Magic computer mouse as being a common addition with the iMac. It's provided other Bluetooth-enabled Mac equipments a facelift (or mutated them to super-gadgets) by allowing users go complete hog on multi-touch makeovers. The very first in its type, this is a sleek gadget sporting a sleek top-shell, and an eye-catching style.

Earliest time Mac customers might discover the Apple Magic mouse a little bit awkward for use since the whole computer mouse simulates one button for the multi-touch attribute covering the entire best. It takes a while acquiring utilized to this; nonetheless, once you receive utilised to it, the sleep is absolutely nothing more than a cakewalk. Scrolling the computer mouse pointer (in any direction) requires just a finger getting moved for the best in the mouse and laptop customers will take on pleasure in it. For swiping through documents, two fingers are enough. The predictive chip inside has turned the perform a entire good deal easier.

The conventional optical monitoring has been replaced by laser monitoring that is a lot more sensitive and responds similarly on any provided surface area. Sure that tends to make this one-piece manufacturing a great deal extra delicate than other regular mice, but it is sufficient to handle the workstation wars.

What Can make Apple's Magic Computer Mouse Superior Than The Rest?

But, the million dollar query that's popping up inside minds of the critics is - regardless of whether it's fit sufficient to score lengthy expression if in comparison with the other optical mice?

Nicely, the response proved to be a huge yes! And, the credits go very first to its faintly various ergonomics. As opposed to other people, it is low and aerodynamic, that keeps clear in the contour of your palm. It doesn't make 1 sense the computer mouse to become a portion with the hand. Next, it reaches for the built in Bluetooth that releases you with the trouble of using time consuming and messy dongles (and needless to say saves you in the additional investment).

An additional improvement included inside the Apple Magic mouse could be the existence with the two plastic bars beneath; these reduce contact using the surface the computer mouse is touching but impacts monitoring; it is a thing the computer mouse is not fully trained at. Along with a obvious delineation among the correct button and the left button would happen to be a action closer to user-friendliness. Nonetheless, they are things a individual will get utilized to in a short while.

Apple launched touch initiated scrolling with the Magic mouse and if nothing else, it's fluid and natural. Any quantity of fingers anywhere for the mouse surface is sufficient to start the function. The dual-mode operation is handy, but transforming the modes needs reaching the internal settings. Perhaps Apple ought to believe about devising a touch-reaction for this aspect as well and toil a little a lot more on maintaining the aesthetic appeals for longer. It's painful to see a brand new item losing the untouched finish so fast. In any case, it's an excellent development from their last item, the Mighty computer mouse.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Apple Fan's Review of the MacBook

First, the bad stuff. Sadly, there are 1 or 2 dead pixels on the glossy wide-screen, but a quick look around the Internet and I've realized there's not a lot of point taking it back because low end TFTs can suffer from dead pixels. It's only when you pay more for a "pixel-perfect" display that there is a return policy on dead pixels. Oh well.

That aside, it has all the trade marks of a classic Apple product. The packaging was superb, and minimal. In fact, I've noticed a trend in packaging. My new Sony Rescission K310i from Orange came in a box barely big enough to fit everything in. It's good to see manufacturers producing packaging solutions that are both functional and well designed.

Once out the box, the MacBook looks simply stunning. The outer casing is a similar white polycarbonate (I believe) to the iBook. Opening the MacBook is a joy - there are no latches or buttons, it's all magnetically done. Opened, the MacBook is a departure to Apple laptops of the past. The keyboard keys are spaced out more and flatter, and the casing is the same ceramic-like material that is found on the base of the Mac Mini.

The connections on the left of the MacBook are the usual stuff, with one notable exception - the MagSafe power connection. It's a small, rectangular port and is also magnetically charged. When plugging in the power adaptor, the connector literally snaps into place due to the magnet. Very neat. The concept is simple, if the power cord is ripped out, instead of pulling the laptop with it, the MagSafe connector just comes out.

Powering up is quick and simple, and after the standard Tiger set up, we're up and running. Only a password was required to connect to my wireless network (new MacBooks have Airport built in) and a few more minutes tinkering had the MacBook set up how I like my Macs to be.

The first noticeable thing is how bright the 13.3 inch display is compared to my old 12 inch Powerbook. I can see me having to turn the brightness down to avoid headaches. The keyboard, which I was worried about, turns out to be almost as usable as a standard keyboard, with lovely positive feedback. Again, a definite improvement over my Powerbook.

After a few minutes playing on the Internet and trying to fix the couple of dead pixels (to no avail) I had a good play, running a few apps to see how the machine responded. General OS stuff is super quick (although the Quad Xeon I played with in the Trafford Centre was slightly quicker!).

From what I've seen so far, I'm impressed. With a 2GHz Intel chip, 1 Gig of RAM and an 80 Gig hard drive, it's got plenty to keep me going (although one of the first websites I visited was Crucial to price up the 2 Gig kit). 

Article by James Ashberry

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IPad Social Networking Applications – Makes Your Life Happy

iPad is a sleek device. It is a flat computer with half an inch thickness. It is extremely handy device that you can put it in your palm as it weights only one and half pound. You can carry it in one hand and your another hand would be free to operate it. Battery life is about 10 hours so you need not to worry for recharging it frequently. Its screen has multi touch sensors that gives you amazing experience. You can flip the sides and it adjust automatically due to accelerometer. An amazing device indeed.

It allows third-party software development therefore you can find many useful software for iPad use on iTunes store. Social networking is a buzz word now a day therefore you can find many applications in iTunes store. Everyone has busy schedule and they hardly found anytime to seat in front of computer and make their social contacts on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. iPad provides an opportunity for them to get connected with social networks.

You might have ample reasons to fulfill your life with happiness with the help of iPad apps. iPad social networking apps helps the end-user in following ways:

Display of Images: iPad has big screen and finest resolutions to display images. It has robust image rendering ability. It shows crisp graphics so your photo looks best in iPad. Color display is in majestic ways.

Exchange of SMS: With the help of iPad social networking apps you can filter your social data and organizing social groups simultaneously.

Use of GPS: It facilitates you to easily locate your targets with the help of GPS and Google services. You can locate anyone with the few taps of your fingers.

Multiplayer games: There is abundance of multi player games on iPad. You can play such games with known or unknown players who are in vicinity of you or away from you.

iPad social networking apps integrate social media applications in your iPad and makes your life easy. Now you can contact your friends and fans easily, update your status, make comments, like or dislike their status and so many other activities on social medias. You can tweets on twitter frequently with the help of Twitter apps, get professionally connected with the help of LinkedIn apps network. You can bring smiles on the faces of your kids as there are lots of games available on iTunes Store.

Article by David Aldrich

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iPhone 5- you will have to wait a little longer

Will the new iPhone have a bigger screen? Only time will tell...

Apple Inc. has always come up with some of the best devices of all time. It is there in the market with some of the best and latest gadgets. People have always liked the brand for al the sophisticated features which it holds. There have been some gadgets from Apple which has always attracted attention of people. The iPhone series which is very popular among people is perhaps the synonym of perfection. In the chain,Apple iPhone 5 is coming to market pretty soon. The handset is being considered as the enhanced version of iPhone 4.A new press release by Apple, excites people by saying that the World Wide Developers Conference would witness the next edition of iOS and Mac OS. It prompted all the developers of above mentioned software not to miss it. It was evident what Mr. Phil Schiller wanted to say. In the meantime, some rumours are making round by saying that Apple is going away from its habits of launching phone during WWDC. Now talking about features which the iPhone 5 is expected to hold. It is expected to arrive with a bigger screen than 3.5 inches, which almost all the iPhone were equipped with. It could be anywhere nearer to 4 inches touch screen. Although it is clear that size of handset would not be expanded because it is going to get stick with edge-to-edge display. The resolution of its display screen will remain at 960 x 640 pixels.
Mystery has never been there with release of Apple's gadget. But its perhaps the first instance that it has been delaying the release and creating a lot of enigma about release date of iPhone 5 deals. Apple has been pushing and shoving its release date since earlier itself. There are some suggestions that it would not be making presence felt before September. 
Although the handset is yet not out in the market but a lot of Apple iPhone 5 deals are expected to get in the market. The deals which are expected in the market include Contract deal, pay as you go and SIM free deals. All the networks which are there in the UK are sure to give you away these iPhone 5 deals.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

iPhone- Background info

Who hasn't heard about iPhone, iPhone, or iMac? We are already used to Steve Jobs delivering messages related to Apple's newest component in front of huge viewers, creating a phenomenon among the the followers of the well-known company all over the world.

But exactly how many of these people had been major Apple enthusiasts before the iPhone ended up being openly launched, and just how many people today who're much of this segment do in fact realize the history about the iPhone?

Historically, Apple continues to be most related to computers until recently . Microsoft is their primary opponent in the computer market. Nonetheless, on June 28, 2007 Steve Jobs informed, throughout an address to Apple employees, that everybody that has been with the business for a minimum of one year will obtain a free iPhone. The next day, on June 29, 2007, Apple would officially launch iPhone inside the U.S cellphones market, generating a genuine trend on the list of population of the us.

The 1st iPhone models available were offering 4GB or 8GB for not under $499 and $599. Obviously, the first stocks cleared in a few hours all across the nation. Earlier estimations of tech analysts were mentioning between 250,000 and 700,000 units sold in the first weekend alone.

Right after people started registering their iPhones with AT&T, countless stories started to circulate all around the globe Wide Web, regarding outsized phone bills. There is one case every time a popular video blogger, by the name of Justine Ezarik, received in their own mail box a 300 pages bill from AT&T. She then quickly presented her situation on the net, receiving massive audience. Ten days later, AT&T would send iPhone users a text notification regarding its billing regulations.

Several months later, on November 9, 2007, the uk and Germany were the very first two Europe being given by Apple with iPhones. To no one's surprise, huge packed areas lined up in front of the Apple stores, hoping the stocks is not going to run dry too quickly.

Many of the specifications from the first iPhone models included a couple.0 MP camera with geo-tagging technology, touch-screen input, headset controls, proximity sensors, a 128 MB eDRAM Memory, a 620Mhz Samsung 32-bit CPU yet others.

Inside a long time Apple registered record sales for your successor models: the iPhone 3G, the apple iphone as well as the latest apple iphone 4, that has been released about the 24th of June, 2010 and registered over $ 30 million units sold.

The question that is certainly on everyone's thoughts are: After that follow following your iPhone4? Whichever the answer may be, Apple fans worldwide already are expressing their intentions of shopping for the longer term released product. Testimonials of those enthusiastic supporters can be easily found submitted all over the net available as video posts, blog entries, status updates, tweets etc.

Top 5 Twitter iPhone Apps

For most loyal twittaholics, iPhones/iPods are one of the easiest and popular methods of keeping up-to-date with their Twitter account, but if you wan't to make the most out of your device and Twitter's excellent (not to mention, FREE) services, follow our top 5 list below and you will be hooked in no time!

  1. Twitter (obviously)                     Price- Free         Seller- Twitter Inc
  2. Twitterific                                   Price- Free         Seller- The Iconfactory
  3. Echofon for Twitter                    Price- Free         Seller- naan studio, Inc
  4. IM+                                            Price- Free         Seller- Shape Services
  5. Twitelator Pro                            Price- $6.49       Seller- Big Stone Phone
One of the best things about Twitter and the iPhone is that the top 4 apps are completely free! And if you wait a little longer (July to be exact), Twitter will be integrated with the upcoming iOS 5 making Tweeting on the iPhone the easiest thing in the world!  

Twitter icon

Thursday, June 9, 2011

iWork for iPhone!

Yes, it is a dream come true for many iPod and iPhone users, the iWork suite is now available on the Appstore for the smaller iDevices for $13.99 for each app. It seems to have all the features of the iPad version optimized for the smaller screen of the iPhone and so far, it looks very promising. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like on the iPhone screen-




Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iOS 5- The best thing that ever happend to the iDevice?

Apple has recently posted on their site info about the new and upcoming iOS 5, which will be available to the public this fall. Apple boasts that their new iOS will have over 200 new features and read on to find out more-

Notification center- Ever been interrupted by the annoying blue notification box while your soooo close to beating your high score? Push notifications can sometimes be very annoying, even if they don't do much. So Apple has developed the new Notification Center. Say goodbye to annoying interruptions, the Notification's will appear as a stylish bar at the top of your screen without interfering with your activities and will disappear quickly. With the new Notification Center, with one swipe, you can view weather, stocks, emails, missed calls and a lot more all in one place. You can even listen to your voicemail quickly, right from your lock screen.

iMessage- This has got to be my favorite, now with the new iMessage, you will be able to start a convo from your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone to any other iDevice through Wi-Fi or 3G. It is built in to the Messages app and completely free to anyone with internet, so what have you got to lose? I think it adds a nice touch to Facetime and really Apple should have done this ages ago!

Newsstand- Are you a Magazinaholic that has a lot of online subscriptions? Do you wan't to be able to read these on the go? Theres an app for that (or actually, there will soon be)! With the new Newsstand app, you can store all your subs in one place and even subscribe to dozens of others! All new purchases are sent straight to the flashy Newsstand app for easy access and the new Subscription store looks very promising. This has got to be the best way to read your favorite paper on your beloved iDevice!

Reminders- This app is going to be very useful, it will make it so easy to use your iDevice as a shopping list or a scheduler. No longer will you forget to do the shopping and because this app is location-based, your device will beep when you pass the grocery store and remind you to turn in. Thanks to the the Reminders app, Even the most forgetful person will come off better!

Twitter- Are you a Twittaholic? Do you use Twitter at every chance you get? Well using Twitter will soon become a whole lot easier because twitter will be molded into iOS 5! You only  need to sign in once in 'Settings' and your ready to get tweeting! You can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, Youtube and Maps! This is probably the best thing Twitter and Apple fans have heard all year!

Camera- Not a lot has changed, so I won't say much, but with the new iOS 5, you can access the camera from the lock screen at a moment's notice(don't know if this is a good idea though because hackers might find this very useful). Hate it when you've turned your iPhone 3GS for a photo of your face, but can't tap the virtual capture button? Well iOS 5 is the solution for you! The Camera app will now use the volume up botton to capture a pic, which I think takes the Camera app to a whole new profesional level.

Photos- With the new Photos app, not only can you view your old memories, you can enhance them with in-built editing software that matches that of the Photoshop app and share them with the rest of your devices with the all new iCloud!

Safari- The only new thing is the feature that was originally built for the Mac version of Safari, the Article Reader function and the fact that you can save these articles for later on your device or on iCloud.

Other updates-  iOS 5 will update the other apps like mail, calender etc., but you will now be able to wirelessly sync (don't know if I could wait that long to sync big apps though) and Multitasking gestures for the iPad (yes, finally) and Airplay Mirroring for the iPad. Airplay Mirroring is pretty cool, you can wirelessly (and according to Apple, securely) stream your iPad's Screen to your HDTV through your Apple TV. This is one feature that I cant really, cant wait for!

Already I am seeing so many opportunities for Apple, but I am seeing many security complications with Apple trying to make the lock screen all-powerful. Tell us what you think of any of these updates in your comments below and stay tuned to iTech Wonderland for the latest updates on iOS.

OSX Lion update

If you have been on the Apple site recently, you may have noticed a box at the bottom right hand corner. If you click this, you will come across a new page that outlines the stuff we already know about Lion. But thats not all, It also says that lion is coming to the Mac App Store in July for only $29.99. This has been Apple's latest response to their upcoming operating system, Lion, which was believed to be released much later this year, but it is a huge relief for Apple fans that the wait has been cut short. Be sure to keep up with iTech Wonderland for the latest news about OSX Lion.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

iTech App Review- Evernote

Ever had a thought you need to urgently record? Ever had a brainwave that you know is important? Ever got told off for forgetting things? If you have, Evernote is one app that you simply can't live without. Basically, its an online notes service, you can make notes from your iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac and view them from different devices because it's all stored on Evernote's International Server. And you aren't just limited to typing the note; Evernote has the ability to create a snapshot, saved photo or audio note to suit everybody's tastes. Why not just do a voice recording or take a photo? I hear you ask, it's because it won't be accessible with any device. You can favourite notes and even set up multiple notebooks!  Evernote is probably the most user-friendly and practical note-taking app on the market, and best of all, it's FREE! Evernote is definitely a must-have for anyone with a busy lifestyle and it's guaranteed to be an app that will stay on your most-used-apps list!