Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iOS 5- The best thing that ever happend to the iDevice?

Apple has recently posted on their site info about the new and upcoming iOS 5, which will be available to the public this fall. Apple boasts that their new iOS will have over 200 new features and read on to find out more-

Notification center- Ever been interrupted by the annoying blue notification box while your soooo close to beating your high score? Push notifications can sometimes be very annoying, even if they don't do much. So Apple has developed the new Notification Center. Say goodbye to annoying interruptions, the Notification's will appear as a stylish bar at the top of your screen without interfering with your activities and will disappear quickly. With the new Notification Center, with one swipe, you can view weather, stocks, emails, missed calls and a lot more all in one place. You can even listen to your voicemail quickly, right from your lock screen.

iMessage- This has got to be my favorite, now with the new iMessage, you will be able to start a convo from your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone to any other iDevice through Wi-Fi or 3G. It is built in to the Messages app and completely free to anyone with internet, so what have you got to lose? I think it adds a nice touch to Facetime and really Apple should have done this ages ago!

Newsstand- Are you a Magazinaholic that has a lot of online subscriptions? Do you wan't to be able to read these on the go? Theres an app for that (or actually, there will soon be)! With the new Newsstand app, you can store all your subs in one place and even subscribe to dozens of others! All new purchases are sent straight to the flashy Newsstand app for easy access and the new Subscription store looks very promising. This has got to be the best way to read your favorite paper on your beloved iDevice!

Reminders- This app is going to be very useful, it will make it so easy to use your iDevice as a shopping list or a scheduler. No longer will you forget to do the shopping and because this app is location-based, your device will beep when you pass the grocery store and remind you to turn in. Thanks to the the Reminders app, Even the most forgetful person will come off better!

Twitter- Are you a Twittaholic? Do you use Twitter at every chance you get? Well using Twitter will soon become a whole lot easier because twitter will be molded into iOS 5! You only  need to sign in once in 'Settings' and your ready to get tweeting! You can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, Youtube and Maps! This is probably the best thing Twitter and Apple fans have heard all year!

Camera- Not a lot has changed, so I won't say much, but with the new iOS 5, you can access the camera from the lock screen at a moment's notice(don't know if this is a good idea though because hackers might find this very useful). Hate it when you've turned your iPhone 3GS for a photo of your face, but can't tap the virtual capture button? Well iOS 5 is the solution for you! The Camera app will now use the volume up botton to capture a pic, which I think takes the Camera app to a whole new profesional level.

Photos- With the new Photos app, not only can you view your old memories, you can enhance them with in-built editing software that matches that of the Photoshop app and share them with the rest of your devices with the all new iCloud!

Safari- The only new thing is the feature that was originally built for the Mac version of Safari, the Article Reader function and the fact that you can save these articles for later on your device or on iCloud.

Other updates-  iOS 5 will update the other apps like mail, calender etc., but you will now be able to wirelessly sync (don't know if I could wait that long to sync big apps though) and Multitasking gestures for the iPad (yes, finally) and Airplay Mirroring for the iPad. Airplay Mirroring is pretty cool, you can wirelessly (and according to Apple, securely) stream your iPad's Screen to your HDTV through your Apple TV. This is one feature that I cant really, cant wait for!

Already I am seeing so many opportunities for Apple, but I am seeing many security complications with Apple trying to make the lock screen all-powerful. Tell us what you think of any of these updates in your comments below and stay tuned to iTech Wonderland for the latest updates on iOS.

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