Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iPhone 5- you will have to wait a little longer

Will the new iPhone have a bigger screen? Only time will tell...

Apple Inc. has always come up with some of the best devices of all time. It is there in the market with some of the best and latest gadgets. People have always liked the brand for al the sophisticated features which it holds. There have been some gadgets from Apple which has always attracted attention of people. The iPhone series which is very popular among people is perhaps the synonym of perfection. In the chain,Apple iPhone 5 is coming to market pretty soon. The handset is being considered as the enhanced version of iPhone 4.A new press release by Apple, excites people by saying that the World Wide Developers Conference would witness the next edition of iOS and Mac OS. It prompted all the developers of above mentioned software not to miss it. It was evident what Mr. Phil Schiller wanted to say. In the meantime, some rumours are making round by saying that Apple is going away from its habits of launching phone during WWDC. Now talking about features which the iPhone 5 is expected to hold. It is expected to arrive with a bigger screen than 3.5 inches, which almost all the iPhone were equipped with. It could be anywhere nearer to 4 inches touch screen. Although it is clear that size of handset would not be expanded because it is going to get stick with edge-to-edge display. The resolution of its display screen will remain at 960 x 640 pixels.
Mystery has never been there with release of Apple's gadget. But its perhaps the first instance that it has been delaying the release and creating a lot of enigma about release date of iPhone 5 deals. Apple has been pushing and shoving its release date since earlier itself. There are some suggestions that it would not be making presence felt before September. 
Although the handset is yet not out in the market but a lot of Apple iPhone 5 deals are expected to get in the market. The deals which are expected in the market include Contract deal, pay as you go and SIM free deals. All the networks which are there in the UK are sure to give you away these iPhone 5 deals.

Article by David Boon

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