Friday, July 29, 2011

iOS 5 countdown: Day 22- iTech Event

Welcome to day 22! todays post will be about a Cydia tweak called 3G Unrestricter. As the name implies, it is an app that tricks your iPhone or iPad into thinking you are on Wi-fi when you really are on your 3G network. This is useful for different things such as making the most of many apps that require connectivity and since your iPhone and iPad are mobile devices, it's nice to be able to use Skype and Facetime on the go! One of the features of 3G Unrestrictor is the ability to choose which apps you want to urestrict, but be careful though, because some 3G plans cost a fortune, so make sure you know what you are using. You will find it in the BigBoss source in Cydia (You must be jailbroken). If you need any help, contact me at

Thursday, July 28, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 21- iTech Event

Welcome to day 21 of the countdown to iOS 5. Todays post will be all about the useful Cydia tweak, SBSettings. SBSettings is one of the most useful tweak I have ever come across (and trust me, I've seen hundreds) and many people will agree it is the best tweak ever!

But whats all the hype about? SBSettings is basically a tweak that you can access from your springboard, lock screen or any app that shows your device's toolbar by swiping once at the toolbar. You will see a window slide down with numerous shortcuts such as Wi-fi, powering off, terminal, SSH, brightness adjustments, you can access them all with just one tap! SBSettings saves users a lot of time and provides them with many options such as a customizable interface to suit your needs.

To get it yourself (for free, of course!), you must be jailbroken. Just navigate to BigBoss on Cydia and scroll down to SBSettings, tap install and say hello to convenience and time-saving! Overall 5/5 and this is a must have tweak for everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 20- iTech Event

It's been 20 days since we've started this event and July is soon coming to a close. Only a few months till fall and the release of iOS 5! Today's post will be about a Cydia tweak that makes your iPod/iPhone look like an iPad! (Note- You must be jailbroken)

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 19- iTech Event

Welcome to day 19 of the countdown to iOS 5. Todays post will be a cool tweak to make your iPhone springboard appear to have hologram-like apps that follow the movement of your hand. (Note- this tweak is available through Cydia (Jailbroken devices) and is called 'DeepEnd' for iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4G and iPad 2).

(Note- I do not own this video)

Monday, July 25, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 18- iTech Wonderland

Welcome to day 18 of the iOS 5 Countdown! Todays post will give you some excellent Cydia sources to use and make the best out of your jailbroken device! To use any of these, open Cydia, go to sources, tap 'edit' in the top right corner then tap the plus sign in the top right corner. Then put the adress (http://___) for the desired source in the pop-up window and you're all set! (Note- I do not in any way take responsibility for the content of these sources and all rights remain reserved to their respective owners)

xSellize Repo- This is a great repo for people interested in GBA roms on their device. It also has a few books to download for use on iBooks.

Insanelyi Repo- This repo is for retina display devices and has some great mods such as Barrel, App Switcher, AttachmentSaver and many more. 

iHacksRepo- This has probably all the mods, tweaks and apps from xSellize and more in one source. If there is one source you want to get, it's this one!

BiteYourApple Repo- This has a ton of interesting apps, mods and tweaks, not to mention scores of winterboard themes and ringtones! 

Thats all folks! Hope you liked them, and if you have any queries, feel free to email me!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 17- iTech Event

Welcome to day 17 of the countdown to the release of iOS 5. Im not going say much, but instead give you a few good links that you can check out:

Redmond Pie- Has lots of good jailbreaking tips!

GreenPois0n- You know them (if you don't, they specialize in jailbreaking)

Dev-Team Blog- Official site of the iPhone dev team

xSellize- Some great stuff for Cydia users here

Thats it! If you like our blog, why not link to it (

Top 5 Anti-viruses: Windows

Many of us Windows Users will know that the operating system that we have grown to love is also a host to a variety of nasty viruses. So where can we go if we need a reliable and affordable Anti-Virus to protect us from the hackers and detail-stealers? Here is the list of the top 5 Anti-Viruses on the market today.

5. Avast- Avast is specialized for malware detection in a variety of different areas such as internet browsing, e-mail, P2P (torrent) and IM. It even runs in real-time to provide you with free- yes free- round the clock protection!

Useful Links-

4.AVG- AVG is another free anti-virus, and with dozens of features such as a Spyware-protector, Malware Protection, LinkScanner, Resident Shield and much much more! (Note-It has a paid version as well)

Useful Links-

3. PandaCloud- What makes PandaCloud awesome enough to make it to 3rd place? It is a free site-checker to check if a certain site has harmful malware and spyware hidden in it's depths. But why choose PandaCloud? PandaCloud gets information from millions of other users that have been to the site before you so you know you can trust it.

Useful Links-

2. Kaspersky- This one is paid but has a free trial. Kaspersky specializes in internet protection, protecting you from malware and spyware when you are working, shopping and surfing. I would give this a trial first.

Useful Links- Official Site

1. Norton Anti-virus- Norton is the undisputed king of ant-viruses, with dozens of features, it protects you from trojans, malware, spyware, malicious sites, bots and much much more at the press of a button. It is now even faster and better at scanning for viruses. Definitely worth buying.

Useful Links- Official Site

What do you use? tell us in the comments section below!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 16- iTech Event

Welcome to day 16 of the countdown to the release date of iOS 5. As promised, todays post will be about the 3 top iPad cases. Are you an iPhone user? No problem, just click here instead. Lets begin!

3.Apple Smart Cover-

This is an iPad 2 cover developed by Apple themselves. It is magnetic, comes in a variety of colors, and can be used in many different positions as a stand, but useless for protecting your iPad from knocks and drops. Made from either polyurethane or leather. Price- $28.37
Click Here to buy-
Apple iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover  (MC939LL/A)
Apple iPad 2 Leather Smart Cover (MC947LL/A)

2.Kensington 2nd Generation KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case-
This is a must have for all of the iPad users that need an alternative from the usual touchscreen keyboard. With a stylish pop-up stand with a natural keyboard, it's makes for a very awesome case! Price- $69.99
Click Here to Buy-
Kensington 2nd Generation KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Accessory Case for Apple iPad 2 2nd 
Generation WiFi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB NEWEST MODEL & for Apple iPad 1

1.OtterBox iPad Defender-
OtterBox has done it yet again, after stealing the show with flawless protection for iPhones, it never fails to impress. Keep your iPad protected from knocks with this stylish case. It's bound to be a favorite for years to come. Price- $33.95
Click Here to Buy-
Otterbox APL4-iPAD1-20-C4OTR iPad Commuter Series Case

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for some another post about iOS in the iOS 5 Countdown series!

Friday, July 22, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 15- iTech Event

Welcome to day 15 of the countdown to the release date of iOS 5. In todays post, we will be bringing you 3 amazing iPhone cases and accessories. Feel free to comment at the bottom!

3.Aircraft Aluminium Metal case-
This case provides excellent protection for your device in a stylish aluminum body. Available in magenta, blue, green, silver and black. Price: $39.99
Click Here to Buy
Apple iPhone Aircraft Aluminum Metal Case - Bundled with Full Frontal Touch Screen Protector Shield - Available in 3 Color Choices, BLACK+PROTECTOR

2. BOOST Case- Extended Rechargeable Battery Case-
Do you hate it when your iPhone runs out of battery? Then this case is for you! With a sleek and simple device, you can recharge your iPhone's battery on the go in your moment of need. (Fits Verizon/AT&T)
Price- $44.95 (It's well worth it!)
Click here to Buy
BOOST Case - Protective Case & Extended Battery for iPhone 4 (Fits Verizon/AT&T)

1. OtterBox impact case-
This one is a gift from god for all those klutzes who drop their phone on a regular basis. With extreme protection and a grippy surface, you can sleep easy, knowing that your phone is in safe hands. Available in black and white. Price $10.16
Click Here to Buy
OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G, 3GS (Black)

And there you have it, 3 awesome (not to mention useful) cases for your iPhone. Feel free to add some to the list in the comments section below ant tune in tomorrow for our top 3 iPad cases!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 14- iTech Event

Welcome to day 15 of the countdown to iOS 5's release date. Today's post will be showcasing some popular rumors of the iPod Touch 5.

3G- This is a very popular ask for the iPod Touch because many applications and options that require internet. Since the iPod Touch is a portable device and many places don't have a constant Wi-Fi connection, the introduction of 3G will expand the horizons of the iPod Touch even more!

Screen- Unlike the iPhone and the iPad, the iPod Touch is classed as a gaming device. But to make the most out of many of the apps, a bigger screen is a must. A larger screen will help broaden the iPod's capabilities and the capabilities of the upcoming iOS 5.

Specs- Larger capacity, faster RAM, the works.

Thats all folks! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for another post about iOS 5!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 14- iTech Event

Following yesterdays post on iPhone 5 rumors, todays countdown post will be giving you the lowdown on iPad 3 rumors-

Name- Rumor has it that the 2011 iPad will not be an iPad 3, but an upgraded version of the iPad 2 that isn't worthy of being called the iPad 3. This upgrade may be called the iPad HD or the iPad 2 Pro.

Release Date- The Release date of the iPad 3 may come in October 2011 because parts manufacturers are already claiming to get orders from Apple around this time. The next generation iPad may also come this fall if Apple decides to release both iOS 5 and the iPad together.

Specs- Some rumors are floating around claiming that the iPad 3 will be 4G LTE equipped. The iPad may also have calling abilities and most probably upgraded RAM and capacity. The iPad may (this is a very daring rumor) come in different colors, but this may just be a false rumor.

If the iPad 3 is released alongside iOS 5, it will probably optimized for the iCloud services. Thank you to for an insight into some of these rumors.

OSX Lion is out!

Yes, The day has finally come! Lion has been released to the public alongside the new-and-improved Macbook Air! Are you ready to upgrade? Read the following instructions to make sure your Mac can upgrade to iOS Lion!

BEFORE YOU START: YOU MUST BACK UP YOUR MAC ON TIME MACHINE OR YOU WILL LOOSE EVERYTHING(unless you install Lion over SL, but some apps may conflict with Lion)!

1.Your Mac must have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor to run Lion. How are you supposed to know that? Click the Apple icon in the top left corner and go to 'About this Mac'. The information you need is on the first window that pops up. Got that done? Head onto the next step...

2. Do you have the latest version of Snow Leopard (10.6.8)? Check by going to 'About this Mac', and under the Apple logo, you will see your OS number in gray letters (It should look like 10.6.___). Got 10.6.8? If not, you will have to software update by clicking on the second option in the Apple Menu.

3. After that, all that is left to do is to head on down to the Mac App Store and buy your copy of Lion for only $29.99. Follow the onscreen instructions and your good to go!

If you have any queries, feel free to email us at

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 13- iTech Event

Many iPhone fans may have heard rumors floating around of the next iPhone release, the iPhone 5/4S. This mythical device is rumored to surface at the same time as iOS 5, which will reveal itself this September. But what will this iPhone 5/4S be like? What will Apple change? The following are rumors about the specs of iPhone 5/4S.

Full HD- Since the iPad 2 supports full 1080p HD, the iPhone 5 is likely to follow in it's footsteps

Tech Specs- It is most likely that memory, capacity, processor speed will be upgraded and a new antenna and larger screen will be included. The screen also has a high chance of being curved after reports of apple buying hundreds of glass-cutting machines surfaced

NFC- Apple may also include NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the new iPhone, enabling it to act as a credit card and a debit card all in one! TechRader claims that Apple has already patented an e-wallet icon on the homescreen!

But what does this mean for iOS 5? Sources claim that the iPhone 5/4S will have cloud based technologies, which link it to iOS 5's iCloud. But is this a valid connection? Only time will tell...

Thats all folks! Don't forget to follow us on twitter to get all the latest info as it comes of the press!


Monday, July 18, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 12- iTech Event

Welcome to day 12 of the countdown to the release date of iOS 5 which will come out this fall.

Big news everyone! A MacRumours user has recently discovered what seems to be leaked information about iOS 5. This was discovered when the user asked iTunes to check his app library for available updates, the update page reveals a striking message! The picture below is a screenshot of this message.
Apple has also reportedly halted all iTunes updates until this security leak is fixed. But what does this mean for the general public that is waiting for the release of iOS 5? Will this security flaw mean that iOS 5 is being released earlier than we thought? The only way to find out is to wait...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 11- iTech Event

Welcome to the 11th day of iTech Wonderland's first event, the countdown to the release date of iOS 5. In this countdown post, we will be showcasing a number of videos that we think will provide you with what we intend to get across to you in a form more entertaining than words. The following vidos are not my property and in no way do I control their content. The videos will range from adverts made by Apple and fan reviews etc. I hope you enjoy them and if you have any queries, contact me in the comments box bellow!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 10- iTech Event

Welcome to the tenth day of the countdown to iOS 5. Every day for the past 10 days, we have been providing you with a helpful post, and we will continue to do so until Apple releases iOS 5 to the public this fall. Todays post will be showcasing iTech Wonderland's 5 best Winterboard themes for iPods and iPhones so that you can spice up your device!



3.Vista Theme

2.iPhone Pearl


Hope you enjoyed them, and if you have any to add, feel free in the comments box below!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Download our toolbar!

This is what it looks like

iTech Wonderland has recently developed a toolbar for all our fans. Check it out here. This toolbar will bring you the latest RSS, GMail and Twitter feeds straight to your browser and you can surf the web at the same time! With tons of awesome features and a free, quick to install guide, Head on down to this page and download it. It's completely free, so what have you got to lose?
(Note- Only available for Firefox and IE)

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 9- iTech Event

So its been 9 days since we started our first iTech Event. We have had a huge response so far and it is clear that many people are enjoying our countdown to the release date of iOS, which is due this fall. As promised, todays iOS Countdown post will be showcase the 5 top shelf background wallpapers for iPads. Are you an iPhone user? Check out yesterday's post instead.
(Note- Click on Pics to enlarge)





Hope you liked them and if you have any to add or any ideas for future posts, feel free to comment below!

iTech App Review- Fieldrunners

Tower defense is probably one of the best known and enjoyed arcade-styled games on the planet. You could probably ask anyone what Tower Defense is and they could give you a detailed answer stating how you have to place turrets in a strategic fashion to stop the invaders from reaching your base. But what sets Fieldrunners apart from the literally millions of similar tower defense games out there? The only way to find this out is to test the game.

When you first start up the game, you will see a sleek and stylish menu. With a few more taps, you will be asked to choose from 6 different arenas, 2 are free, but the other 4 need to be unlocked via an in-app purchase of $1.29. This is one of the drawbacks of the game, but after you play on of the free maps, you will see that it is totally worth the price!

When you choose a map, it will take you to a beautifully rendered scene. This is your map. But where are all the tracks that the bad guys go on? I hear you ask. The answer to that is that Fieldrunners gameplay is quite different to normal TD games. Instead of having a curly path that you have to base your towers around, you have to make your own path with your towers. This gives Fieldrunners the extra edge and blows other TD games out of the water.

Apart from the traditional track, everything you would expect in a Tower Defense game is right where you would expect it; upgrading weapons, multiple weapon choices, waves of enemies, last minute dashes you name it, its there. Overall, this game has fantastic gameplay, but I must admit, it is pretty hard to play on iPods and iPhones, but on iPads, it's like a dream come true! It is really worth it and I would recommend it to everyone!

Price                    - iPhone ($4.19) iPad ($10.99)
Category             - Games
Current Version  -1.5.3
Size                     -14.0 MB
Seller                   -Subatomic Studios
iTech Rating       - ****(The price for the paid maps is quite high, but otherwise a great app!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 8- iTech Event

Today marks the eight day of iTech Wonderland's campaign to bring you a countdown to the release of the long-awaited iOS 5. Every day, we will be bringing you information, tips, updates and quirks to prepare your device for iOS 5.

iPhone, iPod and iPad users may have come across 'shelf' wallpapers when looking for good wallpapers for their device. Basically, a shelf wallpaper is a wallpaper that is in sync with your app icons and effectively making them look like they are sitting on a shelf. This is a very cool effect, especially if you find an awesome wallpaper to go with it. To help you to make your device look snazzy and unique, the team at iTech Wonderland has compiled a list of the 5 best shelf wallpapers for iPhones and iPods (We will have one for iPads tomorrow, so stay tuned!)






Put your favorite wallpaper in the comments section below, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for day 9 of the iOS 5 countdown! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 6 & 7- iTech Wonderland

Because of the fact that I didn't post yesterday, I will be including both yesterdays and todays posts in one post to make it easier for both you and me.

Todays post will be as a youtube video showing you iOS 5's features in the beta version-

Thanks to mosteXpert for this useful video!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Countdown to iOS 5: Day 5- iTech Event

It's been 5 long days since the start of iTech Wonderland's first event, the countdown to the release of Apple's long-awaited iOS 5. Yes, this next update to the most advanced portable operating system could may as well bring iOS to a whole new level. Over the past five days, we have reviewed the history, jailbreaking and the features of iOS 5, but it's no use waiting until September for an update you can't enjoy. Read on to see if your device can be updated to iOS 5...

If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad or iPad 2, your device is eligible for upgrading to iOS 5.

So what are you waiting for? Guess the release date of iOS 5 in the comments section below!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 4- iTech Event

It's been four days since we started our latest iTech Event- The countdown till iOS 5, and we are still going strong. But how did iOS start? What made it so popular? Here are some facts below-

  • The iPhone was released in 2007 and the iPod Touch came 4 months later
  •  The first iPhone was called an iPhone EDGE or iPone 2G
  •  During the release, the iPhone was marketed as running 'OS X'
  • Over 90% of iPhones run iOS 4+
  • There are over 35000 apps on the app store
  • There are over 15 billion app store downloads
Thats all folks! If you have any to add to the list, feel free to add them in the comments below!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 3- iTech Event

Jailbreak apps on iOS 5 Beta

Welcome to the third day of the countdown (or countup) to the release of the long-awaited, iOS 5. Apple is supposedly releasing it this fall (September/ August). If you have read our earlier posts as well, you will know that iOS 5 is packed with tons of goodies, but this post is about Jailbreaking. Yes readers, hacker Musclenerd has successfully jailbroken Apple's iOS 5 beta release. Limera1n tethered jailbreak works as a bootrom exploit, which means Apple cannot block it with the firmware alone on iPods, but iPads and iPhones pose a tougher challenge. Will the geeks be able to do it with the public release? Only time will tell...

Friday, July 8, 2011

iTech Review- Pencil Animation

Animation techniques are very popular and many people got to Adobe's Flash range when animating. But for many people who are inexperienced, Flash can be very daunting. This is one example of when traditional techniques come in handy. Most people are familiar with flipbooks, books where when you quickly flick through the pages, you see an animation. To make this into an animation on your computer, on of the best choices are Pencil Animation, which specializes in frame-by-frame animation. Here is a review showing you the best features of this free tool-

iOS 5 Countdown Day 2- iTech Wonderland Event

Today is day 2 of the countdown till the release date of iOS 5 (which Apple is said to release Fall 2011). But what exactly are we waiting for and is it worth the 2 month wait? Here is a list of the features that will be in iOS 5-

Notification center- Ever been interrupted by the annoying blue notification box while your soooo close to beating your high score? Push notifications can sometimes be very annoying, even if they don't do much. So Apple has developed the new Notification Center. Say goodbye to annoying interruptions, the Notification's will appear as a stylish bar at the top of your screen without interfering with your activities and will disappear quickly. With the new Notification Center, with one swipe, you can view weather, stocks, emails, missed calls and a lot more all in one place. You can even listen to your voicemail quickly, right from your lock screen.

iMessage- This has got to be my favorite, now with the new iMessage, you will be able to start a convo from your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone to any other iDevice through Wi-Fi or 3G. It is built in to the Messages app and completely free to anyone with internet, so what have you got to lose? I think it adds a nice touch to Facetime and really Apple should have done this ages ago!

Newsstand- Are you a Magazinaholic that has a lot of online subscriptions? Do you wan't to be able to read these on the go? Theres an app for that (or actually, there will soon be)! With the new Newsstand app, you can store all your subs in one place and even subscribe to dozens of others! All new purchases are sent straight to the flashy Newsstand app for easy access and the new Subscription store looks very promising. This has got to be the best way to read your favorite paper on your beloved iDevice!

Reminders- This app is going to be very useful, it will make it so easy to use your iDevice as a shopping list or a scheduler. No longer will you forget to do the shopping and because this app is location-based, your device will beep when you pass the grocery store and remind you to turn in. Thanks to the the Reminders app, Even the most forgetful person will come off better!

Twitter- Are you a Twittaholic? Do you use Twitter at every chance you get? Well using Twitter will soon become a whole lot easier because twitter will be molded into iOS 5! You only  need to sign in once in 'Settings' and your ready to get tweeting! You can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, Youtube and Maps! This is probably the best thing Twitter and Apple fans have heard all year!

Camera- Not a lot has changed, so I won't say much, but with the new iOS 5, you can access the camera from the lock screen at a moment's notice(don't know if this is a good idea though because hackers might find this very useful). Hate it when you've turned your iPhone 3GS for a photo of your face, but can't tap the virtual capture button? Well iOS 5 is the solution for you! The Camera app will now use the volume up botton to capture a pic, which I think takes the Camera app to a whole new profesional level.

Photos- With the new Photos app, not only can you view your old memories, you can enhance them with in-built editing software that matches that of the Photoshop app and share them with the rest of your devices with the all new iCloud!

Safari- The only new thing is the feature that was originally built for the Mac version of Safari, the Article Reader function and the fact that you can save these articles for later on your device or on iCloud.

Other updates-  iOS 5 will update the other apps like mail, calendar etc., but you will now be able to wirelessly sync (don't know if I could wait that long to sync big apps though) and Multitasking gestures for the iPad (yes, finally) and Airplay Mirroring for the iPad. Airplay Mirroring is pretty cool, you can wirelessly (and according to Apple, securely) stream your iPad's Screen to your HDTV through your Apple TV. This is one feature that I cant really, cant wait for!

With all  these awesome features, iOS 5 is definitely worth the wait! iTech Wonderland will be counting down every day till we get iOS 5. Bored? Why not guess the date iOS 5 will be released? Remember, it's released in Fall, which is mid-September.

New Blogger Layout; for better or for worse?

Dedicated bloggers such as myself may have noticed that the GUI of Blogger, Google's massively popular blog-hosting platform has undergone some serious changes. But has Google's plan worked? Are these changes really needed and will the affect new and existing users? Read on to find out.

The first thing you notice when you sign in to your Blogger dashboard is that it is practically white. Yes readers, the new-and-supposedly-improved interface is quite blank. This may put some users off, but other users may argue that plain is the new beautiful and that blogger now has a professional look to it.

In terms of content, all the tabs are there, but the 'Earnings tab' is still under construction. Instead, Bloggers will have to use the old 'Monetize' tab. At first, you will find all the tabs on the side and the content in the middle. It may take a little getting used to, but thankfully, Google didn't scrap anything.

Overall, these changes make blogging with blogger an even more enjoyable experience and with it's sleek and fast interface, It's all you could expect from on of the biggest companies when it comes to the web.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown- iTech Wonderland

Here at iTech Wonderland, we were having trouble waiting for the next big release in mobile technology: iOS 5, and many techies out there will be itching to find out more about this major release, so to keep ourselves busy, we have devised a countdown (countup to be precise) method: every day, we will be counting up till the day of iOS 5's release     date, which is sometime this fall. This was posted on the 8 of July and fall is near the end of September, so there will be at least 2-3 months of waiting. To keep our readers busy, you can guess the release date in the comments section just for fun!

Mac vs PC vs Linux- Novell AD

Many Mac fans will know about the popular Mac vs PC ads that Apple rolled out a few years ago, which gave these two operating systems life and turned them into 2 people. Here is a parody of this featuring Linux as well as Mac and PC as a Novell Advertisement. Enjoy!

Special thanks to rbrownclown for uploading this for all of us to enjoy

Top 5 Candybar icon packs

Many of our regular readers will be familiar with the useful software, Candybar, which enables users to change the icons of system applications and 3rd party applications with simplicity and ease (those of you not familiar, check out iTech Wonderland's review here). But what use is a $30 software if you can't use it to the best of it's ability? The team at iTech Wonderland set out to find the 5 best Candybar-compatible icon packs to help you turn your Mac into your friend. All of these Icon Packs are completely free, so what are you waiting for?

5. QuickPix 2010 (iContainer for Mac+PC)

This is a nice and friendly icon pack with a comic touch to it, perfect to brighten up those dull little icons. And what else is great is that it works for both Mac and PC! Definitely worth trying if you are a new Candybar user.

4. Steampunk Storage (iContainer for Mac+PC)

Great for die-hard steampunk lovers. With this snazzy 8-icon set, you can make your harddrive icon go from 21 century to Jules Vernes' kettle!

3. Smoothicons 1.5 (iContainer for Mac+PC)

Are you the type that spends more time on Facebook than with your friends? Then this is the iContainer for you! Featuring 11 social networking icons ranging from Facebook to Youtube, it's guaranteed to bring some magic into your computer!

2. Refresh Snow Leopard (iContainer for Mac+PC)

This is a great system icon replacement pack with 26 simplistic, yet powerful icons for your folders. Works for both Vista or higher or Snow Leopard

1. Flurry (iContainer for Mac+PC)

The undisputed king of icon packs, Flurry is a very stylish and popular icon pack, with over 100 icons in each pack and over 4 individual packs, you can turn your computer into an iPhone lookalike with square icons for all your application and system needs, this is definitely an icon pack worth trying out.

Have an icon pack worth noting? Put your comments below to help build up this list!