Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 5 Candybar icon packs

Many of our regular readers will be familiar with the useful software, Candybar, which enables users to change the icons of system applications and 3rd party applications with simplicity and ease (those of you not familiar, check out iTech Wonderland's review here). But what use is a $30 software if you can't use it to the best of it's ability? The team at iTech Wonderland set out to find the 5 best Candybar-compatible icon packs to help you turn your Mac into your friend. All of these Icon Packs are completely free, so what are you waiting for?

5. QuickPix 2010 (iContainer for Mac+PC)

This is a nice and friendly icon pack with a comic touch to it, perfect to brighten up those dull little icons. And what else is great is that it works for both Mac and PC! Definitely worth trying if you are a new Candybar user.

4. Steampunk Storage (iContainer for Mac+PC)

Great for die-hard steampunk lovers. With this snazzy 8-icon set, you can make your harddrive icon go from 21 century to Jules Vernes' kettle!

3. Smoothicons 1.5 (iContainer for Mac+PC)

Are you the type that spends more time on Facebook than with your friends? Then this is the iContainer for you! Featuring 11 social networking icons ranging from Facebook to Youtube, it's guaranteed to bring some magic into your computer!

2. Refresh Snow Leopard (iContainer for Mac+PC)

This is a great system icon replacement pack with 26 simplistic, yet powerful icons for your folders. Works for both Vista or higher or Snow Leopard

1. Flurry (iContainer for Mac+PC)

The undisputed king of icon packs, Flurry is a very stylish and popular icon pack, with over 100 icons in each pack and over 4 individual packs, you can turn your computer into an iPhone lookalike with square icons for all your application and system needs, this is definitely an icon pack worth trying out.

Have an icon pack worth noting? Put your comments below to help build up this list!

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