Saturday, July 9, 2011

iOS 5 Countdown: Day 3- iTech Event

Jailbreak apps on iOS 5 Beta

Welcome to the third day of the countdown (or countup) to the release of the long-awaited, iOS 5. Apple is supposedly releasing it this fall (September/ August). If you have read our earlier posts as well, you will know that iOS 5 is packed with tons of goodies, but this post is about Jailbreaking. Yes readers, hacker Musclenerd has successfully jailbroken Apple's iOS 5 beta release. Limera1n tethered jailbreak works as a bootrom exploit, which means Apple cannot block it with the firmware alone on iPods, but iPads and iPhones pose a tougher challenge. Will the geeks be able to do it with the public release? Only time will tell...

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