Friday, July 29, 2011

iOS 5 countdown: Day 22- iTech Event

Welcome to day 22! todays post will be about a Cydia tweak called 3G Unrestricter. As the name implies, it is an app that tricks your iPhone or iPad into thinking you are on Wi-fi when you really are on your 3G network. This is useful for different things such as making the most of many apps that require connectivity and since your iPhone and iPad are mobile devices, it's nice to be able to use Skype and Facetime on the go! One of the features of 3G Unrestrictor is the ability to choose which apps you want to urestrict, but be careful though, because some 3G plans cost a fortune, so make sure you know what you are using. You will find it in the BigBoss source in Cydia (You must be jailbroken). If you need any help, contact me at

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