Saturday, July 2, 2011

iTech Review- Candybar (Mac)

Soon, all of your icons could be looking
as good as this!
If theres one thing that Mac users love about their Mac, it's personalization. But sometimes, changing the wallpaper and screensaver and changing some avatars doesn't cut it for Mac-addicts, but thanks to Candybar by Panic studios, you can take customization to the next level. If you have ever wondered how your the person sitting next to you changed the icons of their apps, or changed the appearance of their dock, their secret is Candybar.

As you may have guessed, Candybar is an application that lets you customize your Mac with simplicity that has never been seen before. It is as simple as drag your icon onto it's desired predecessor, log out of your computer, log back in and SHAZAM!!!! The icon has changed! There are other ways to change icons (manually and with other applications), but Candybar is by far the easiest, most user friendly and popular to use and therefore, you can find many icon packs and dock skins especially optimized for Candybar. You can find just about all of these icon packs at the Iconfactory.

Can't find an icon that suits you? The new-and-improved version of Candybar has a built in version of pixadex, which allows you to edit and make your own custom icons. And the fun doesn't stop there, with Candybar, you can even change the appearance of your dock, from different skins to suit your tastes to different indicators, theres something for everyone.

It has a very sleek and easy to use interface for even the most technologically challenged person. It comes with a built-in icon pack (called 'Float') but you can add your own with just a few clicks. The same applies to docks. Like all good things, it isn't free, but Panic has a fourteen-day trial that you can use before you buy, and yes, it is perfectly safe.

Candybar is $29 to buy and $24 to upgrade from a previous version. Head over to Panic's site for more info.

I will have another post up soon reviewing the top 5 icon packs to help you get started and make the most of this beautiful and useful resource.

Article by PB5110

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