Friday, May 20, 2011

App Reviews- Bumpy Road

Just when you think you've played all the types of games out there, Simogo throws another one at you in the form of a simple, charming, casual game. If your looking for a quiet game to put you off the intense, action-packed titles that you can't quite seem to finish, Bumpy road is the game for you. The storyline is cute, your job is to help an old couple safely endure their Sunday love-drive by bumping the road when you think it is the right time. It is like no other game that I have come across, and believe me, I have seen stars rise and fall, and in my opinion, Bumpy Road is right up there in the 'born to be famous...'  list! The graphics are very charming and the intuitive touch controls work a dream. Get this game if its the last thing you do!

Price-             $4.19 (Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it is worth the change!)
Seller-            Simogo Handelsbolag
Version-        1.0
iTech Rating-5/5

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