Monday, March 21, 2011

iOS 4.3- Finally!

After the long wait, iOS 4.3 has finally been released for the public. One of the improvements is the enhancement of Airplay. Now along with movies, music and photos, you can now stream videos from your Photos app. Basically, this means you can shoot a video and then stream it through your Apple TV so that everyone in the room can watch. Apple has also integrated the new Nitro JavaScript engine to power Safari, and according to Apple, Safari is now twice as fast as it was in 4.2. They have also added a feature to make your iPhone 4 a Wi-fi hotspot for your Wi-fi capable device, but only 5 devices can use it at a time. The very clever people at Apple have also made the Wi-fi hotspot password protected and battery-friendly as it will detect if it isn't being used and automatically turn off.

Overall, I think Apple is doing a good job and as long as these updates are free, I think most of us will be happy.

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