Monday, March 21, 2011

New Macbook Pro released

Sorry for the huge gap between posts, we've been a bit busy, but we thought after all the new things that Apple is releasing, we didn't wan't to leave our readers out. As you might already know, the new Macbook pro has just been released. In looks, not much has changed, but the insides a different story. The 13 inch model has an intel core duo i7 processor while the 15 and  17 inch ones have and intel quad core i7 processor. They have also introduced Thunderbolt, which is apparently the fastest and most versatile I/O ever in a notebook. The 15 and 17 inch Macbook pros have switched to the new high-performance AMD Radeon graphics processors with up to 3 times the performance of previous models. 

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Overall, I think that most of these advancements would most suit a hardcore gamer, but at least Apple's giving Microsoft a challenge.

The quality of the graphics are displayed here

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