Saturday, April 2, 2011

App Review- Infinity Blade

This app speaks for itself; with its stunning graphics, intelligent gameplay and absorbing story lines, this is a must-have for and iOS gamer. First of all, the graphics. To tell you the truth, this game looks better than some games on my mac, and all of this is because of the new Unreal Engine 3, which has just recently been ported to iOS. The controls are also quite fluid, but not flawless and you aren't just limited to attacking and blocking- you can dodge, perform spells and parry. The storyline is pretty intense and thanks to the new Deathless Kings update, there are even more enemies and weapons to choose from. There are also new arenas. Overall this app easily gets a 5/5 from me. If you comment, I can also post walkthrough's and advice for this game.

                                                           A showcase of a few of the many enemies you
                                                                                 will face in the world of Infinity Blade

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