Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Browser Wars- Safari Vs. Google Chrome


 Safari and Google Chrome, along with Firefox are easily the most popular Internet Browsers For Mac, but today we will be witnessing the showdown between Safari and Google Chrome.

If you are a regular user of both these browsers, You will know that Google Chrome is an outright winner for this. Chrome has many options to personalize, but the main one is the uncanny ability to change themes. Chrome's toolbar is much simpler and is very hard to mess up or clutterify.

I find Google Chrome faster, but not by a lot. Safari is still my choice for a quick search, but this is because Crome takes a while to actually open, but as far as internet browsing goes, Google Chrome has got it in the bag.

Safari was built for the Mac. Chrome wasn't. Thats why the application part of Chrome is very poor compared to Safari.

Chrome is clearly the outright winner, although my preferred choice for casual surfing is still Safari. My tip would be having both browsers, and Stay tuned, because we will soon have Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox up soon

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